The Common (Indian) Myna 


Common_Indian_MynaThe Common Myna is an introduced species, regarded as a pest. Using tree hollows for nest sites they compete aggressively for those hollows with our preferred native fauna species.

For over 10 years the Common Myna has been appearing in isolated spots within the Bega Valley Shire. For just as many years our Common Myna Task Force has been humanely eliminating the species, with over 600 now removed. They still appear and we need your help to keep numbers at a minimum.

The birds usually live in family groups; spend time on the ground feeding and strutting about; are found around stock where grain is fed; take scraps and pickings from public areas; and are not welcome. (The native Noisy Miner also lives in groups, is grey and can be aggressive but builds a normal nest and is not a scavenger.)

Most of the birds trapped have been from around farms and dairies. Landholders are helpng with the trapping process for which we are grateful. Areas such as Bega, Bemboka, McLeod Hill, Sth Wolumla, Coolagolite, Brogo, Yurammie, Kalaru, Lochiel and Wyndham are under watch.

If you see any Common (Indian) Mynas please contact us via this site or to

Not to be confused with Noisy Miner (Manorina melanocephala)

  • native bird
  • nectar feeder
  • predominantly grey with black patch around eye and on top of head
  • also aggressive to other honeyeaters and protective of food source


Photo courtesy of Mark Woods